Our hostel

Hogar Cuencano Hostel is opening you its doors.

This family house could keep its charm and its peacefulness, and that is precisely this family from Cuenca that gives all this ambiance that will allow you to feel like at home.
With this colonial architecture with those internal patios giving light in the whole building, it is oasis of calm just few blocks from the historical center of Cuenca.
You will have access to all the necessary commodities for your journey, and also all the activities that can offer you this wonderful city from the Ecuadorian Andes.

Our rooms

Our rooms

For your trip in Cuenca our hostel offers you different kind of rooms according to what you need. Twin room, double room or triple room will be just right for all kind of families and friends. Our four bed dormitory will be adapted to group of friends or kids of a big family.

Our apartments

Do you want to extend your stay in Cuenca? We can offer you two different apartments of two and three bedrooms for monthly rent. They are fully equipped and furnished, so that you can enjoy Cuenca in a total autonomy.

Our services

All the services you need when travelling

Make yourselves at home !

Kitchen and cafeteria

A fully equipped kitchen is at your service for chefs from around the world. The cafeteria can offer you breakfast and sandwiches.

Cozy bedroom

We clean your room everyday so each of your night here is as relaxing as it can be.

Stay connected

WiFi is available everywhere in the hostel. Post your holyday photos so make your friends want the same trip as yours.

Just relax

Hot water 24 hours a day, we provide towels and individual soap.

Be relaxed

An extra car park service is available if you have your own car.

Stay free

Cuenca airport is only five minutes away from the hostel with a cab, and so the bus terminal with national lines.

Our favorites activities

Cuenca is also named the Athens of Ecuador for its architecture, its cultural diversity and its contribution of arts, sciences and Ecuadorian literature.

Located in the historical center, you can go in les than five minutes to plenty of museum, parks and handicraft markets.
Just two step from the Tomebamba river, one of the four river that cross over Cuenca, you can enjoy its pedestrian walk “3 de noviembre” with its cafes and terrace along the river, perfect for a romantic stroll.
Thanks to our partnership you can organize several day tours in and around Cuenca.

In Cuenca

Cuenca is a wonderful colonial city which had kept its pre-Inca village spirit. You will be in love by those small cobbled streets, museums, parks and handicraft markets.

Around Cuenca

Capital city of the Azuay province, located in the Andes, a lots of villages around Cuenca will let you discover this rich culture with Ingapirca archeological site and those big green spaces whose the famous Cajas National Park is part of.